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Gold Heating Mask

Hava Zingboim




Hava Zingboim Gold Heating Mask with Glycerine for Skin Care 3.4oz 100ml

Our skin is one of the most beautiful and remarkable things that exists in the nature, but as we all know there is nothing eternal in this world.

Our skin is aging, and the time claim our beauty and youth without any compassion.

Anyone in this world would give anything to look young as long as they can, well now there is a way, and you do not have to give the world to get it, it can be yours in a reach of a hand.

A soft and gentle mask based on the glycerine component. Warms up when contacts with the skin, encourages the formation of new collagen fibers and gives the skin more firm and renewed looks. Moisturizes, stimulates blood circulation, soothes and provides antioxidant protection against the harmful effects of free radicals.


  • Have a high glycerin concentration that acts synergistically with the zeolite mineral to create a feeling of heat in contact with the skin.
  • Creates a warmth feeling deep in the skin and encourages the fibrocytes and fibroblasts to produce stronger and healthier collagen and elastin fibers. The result is that the skin looks firmer, radiant and younger.
  • Protection of the new collagen and elastin fibers from the risk of continuous breakage.

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