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Hava Zingboim




Hava Zingboim White & Bright Cream anti-aging cream

Clarifying Cream 30ml

The product that revolutionized cosmetics forever:

Hava Zingboim, an Israeli cosmetics entrepreneur, has developed a ground-breaking, triple-action solution for lightening skin discoloration (pigmentation), overall skin lightening, and future prevention of pigmentation stains.

A new age in the world of cosmetics:

For the first time, a formula that treats pigmentation on the genetic level has been developed. The combination of melanin suppressants, skin lighteners, anti-oxidants, biomimetic peptides, and genetically-active components – all allow an optimal lightening effect of the face’s skin.

The only lightening formula that also acts as an anti-aging solution:

The lightening components act in synergy with powerful anti-aging components. The result – less wrinkles and draught, along with improved solidity and elasticity of the skin, in addition to the powerful lightening effect.

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