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Extra C Serum

Hava Zingboim




Extra C Serum - Normal To Oily Skin

Solution from Hava Zingboim

Therapeutic serum is rich in antioxidants that repair normal skin damage to oil caused by exposure to the sun and environmental factors such as air pollution, chemicals, soot, smoke, and so on. Improves the moisture level in the skin, strengthens the fibrous substrate (collagen and elastin fibers), lightens the skin texture and leaves it soft and smooth (Contains DIMETHICONE) Especially suitable for pigmented skin.

Advantages of formula

Strengthens the collagen and elastin fibers at the end of the EXOCYTOSIS process - a process in which fibroblasts secrete collagen and elastin into the extracellular space through the cell membrane.

Protects the skin; It has been shown that the use of high-concentration vitamin C provides powerful protection against harmful sun rays. This is especially relevant when vitamin C is applied to the skin along with soothing and anti-inflammatory components as there are in this formula.

It is based on volatile solvents and is therefore especially suitable for people with normal to fat skin.

User manual

A small amount, to soak in the skin.

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