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Derma Fill cream

Hava Zingboim




Derma fill biomimetic cream Hava Zingboim anti-aging moisturize 60 ml 2 oz

This cream is based on the two-dimensional treatment method developed by Hava Zingboim. 

A unique and exclusive preparation that enables the skin to function again as youthful skin optimally by tracing the natural biological processes taking place in young skin and introducing nutrients, moisture and powerful protection.

The cream is designed to treat mature skin and visible signs of aging. 

It promotes proper and healthy skin function, Increases the level of firmness and elasticity of the skin, suppresses and prevents skin infections, reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots, brightens skin texture, nourishes, moisturize and creates a fuller skin appearance. 

User manual 

Apply spotting on areas of fine lines, Wrinkles, especially lips, massage and smear all over the face, avoid eyes.

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